Entry #1


2008-03-21 15:56:40 by LampsandShit

Geraldine has, so far, received positive reviews, but I wish the approval process didn't take two days.

Anyways, I will upload more of our work on a weekly basis. I have made a list of what we're gonna release, in order:

1. A Handshake Between Good Friends
2. Oh Rosie!
3. (It's Hard) When You're Jesus.
4. An Ode to Steve Irwin
5. Free Love Freeway
6. Cocktease Louise
7. Dumb Enough

We have 2 CD's out and if you want one, post a comment or PM me and I will hook you up.

We feel the need to speed up the releases to every other day. We really want to see people enjoy all of our music, and when we get done with our 3rd album, we'll release it all on NG.



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